Why you should replace sugar with natural honey in your daily diets?!

From peanut butter to energy drink, nowadays sugar can be found in a variety of foods and beverages and there is no doubt that sugar is a major cause of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Recent researches has shown that using natural honey could be better for health in comparison with sugar. Therefore, if you are concern about your health, we advise you to substitute sugar with honey immediately.

This article tells you why sugar is harmful for your health and what the reasons of using natural honey instead.

It is obvious that the number of people who suffer from obesity is growing rapidly all over the world. Sugar is one of the most important foodstuffs using in all sorts of foods such as pastry, chocolate, sauce etc. as well as a variety of beverages such as sport drink, energy drink, juice etc. Hence, if you want to lose your weight, you need to cut down sugar consumption. In addition, high-sugar diets leads to an increased risk of heart disease and certainly can increase your blood sugar dramatically. Moreover, sugary foods and drinks has been associated with developing of acne. According to latest research, risk of cancer and even depression can be increased by excessive consumption of sugar. In addition, the process of skin aging such as wrinkles will appear faster.

honey is a perfect substitute for white sugar as well as brown sugar. Instead of added sugar in your drinks and foods, you can use natural honey as sweetener.

But why honey is better than sugar?

Sugar does not contain any minerals and vitamins. In other words, it’s just unhealthy calories. In contrast, natural honey is rich in nutrients.

First of all, honey is considered as a natural sugar includes mostly fructose and glucose. Due to having high amount of fructose, honey is sweeter than white sugar.

Natural honey contains a great deal of natural vitamins, protein and minerals. Therefore, it helps body to metabolize undesirable fatty acid and cholesterol. B6, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and essential amino acids are important existing vitamins of natural honey. In addition, honey is a great source of minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and sodium.

Moreover, Natural honey is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids which are an important source of antioxidants. It also has a healthy Glycemic index which is useful for body because its sugars can absorbed into the bloodstream appropriately. As a result, honey can help you to have a better digestion.

Natural honey could be used as a sweetener and it is a perfect substitute for sugar. You can use natural honey if you want to prepare your delicious drinks such as ice lemon tea, Masala chai, Mojito etc. If you want use honey instead of sugar, make sure to use less amount, because natural honey can be twice or three times sweeter than sugar. In addition, honey contains approximately 20 percent water. Therefore, if you decided to replace sugar with honey, you need to reduce the total amount of liquids in the recipe. This is an important point you should consider, especially when you to prepare your delicious drinks using honey.

Choose real  Natural honey

If you decide to change your diet and want to replace sugar with honey, it is important to purchase only real honey. In these days the number of fake honey brands in supermarkets increased significantly. These fake products are actually artificial honey produced by sugar. Therefore, you can find them cheaper in comparison with honey. It is important to purchase real natural honey if you are really worry about your health. It is obvious that natural honey is expensive, but it is really nutrient and beneficial.

Dr. Bee is an Iranian honey produced by Goshahd Group. Over the last couple of decades this company have produced a variety of natural honey with different colors and flavors such as cedar, thyme, eucalyptus, orange etc. Dr. Bee is a pure honey which is not included any kind of artificial supplements and preservative.

Now Dr. Bee natural honey is available in Malaysia and you can purchase it here.


Nowadays many people are suffering from chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. These diseases are mostly due to excessive daily use of sugar.

Natural honey is a perfect substitute of all sorts of sugars (White sugar, brown sugar, liquid sugar etc.). You can use honey instead of sugar for preparing a variety of foods and drinks. It is obvious that honey is healthier because it is rich in minerals as well as vitamins.

However, be careful of fake honey. While honey is a valuable nutrient source of food, fake honey is fully included sugar which is harmful for body.

Dr. Bee is a perfect pure honey and could be an appropriate choice for are looking for a high-quality honey.

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